Children Health – Diagnosis of Children Brain Development Disorder

Diagnosis of children’s brain development is always painful and time consuming for the parent. From the first day when you take your child to see your family doctor, to the day you know what type of brain development disorder which your child has, you may come cross many “wrong” diagnosis and be suggested to take your child to see one specialist after another. Although there are many children brain development disorder specialists around, each specialist may only specialize in one field. The only hope is of that information collected from each specialist will finally help to determine the exact type of disorder, so that your child will be treated with corrected medication.

Many parents in the U.S. complaint ” Why don’t we have a group of specialists who specialize in diagnosing children brain development disorder in the same hospital or children clinic, so all child can be diagnosis and treat quickly. Why do we as a child parent have to search for each specialist and the time for each child to see such specialist sometime exceed 3 months, etc…”. In fact, each country has its own health care system and non of them is perfected.

I. In Canada

Because of universal health care system, after your child is seen by your family doctor, she or he will be recommended to the department of brain development disorder of local children hospital. From there, the team of specialists will diagnose your child one by one and after all diagnosis are collected and the team final meeting, they will inform you, the type of brain development disorder of your child with suggested treatments.

The time of diagnosis in Canada may be shorter, but all doctors are pre determined. Like it or not, you can not choose your own. You may refuse to see some doctors, but you will get your child to wait for weeks for next appointment and diagnosis is no, no to all parents.

1. There are many support group in your local area, If you will be given information to join
2. Your child will be sent back to your local brain development disorder local clinic
3. You will need to come back, depending to your doctor diagnosis from time to time ( usually six months) or suggested by your family doctor or local clinical doctors.
4. All medication are free

If you want to seek from the alternative medicine, you will have to pay for their services, but please inform your family and clinical doctors.

II. U.S.

You will have to make you own appointment or have your family doctor do it for your. You have the right to choose any doctor whom you think will be best for your child. Because of each doctor’s specialty, some famous doctors in child brain development disorder, may take up to six months of waiting for initial appointment that not only delays the child corrected diagnosis, but also increases the risk of condition becoming worse. Here are some tips which have worked well for some parents, I hope that they will kelp to reduce the time of waiting and to save time for parent running around to find treatments for their children.

A. In general

1. Share your concern with your doctor or specialist
2. Listen to their suggestion
3. You may ask for initial screen by your family doctor
4. Seek help from other specialists as soon as possible
5. Follow up your appointment
6. Seek a second opinion
7. Get your concerns and questions answer
8. Know available treatments and education when the true causes are found
9. Get your child copies from all doctors who your child has been seen.
10. If you seek help from alternative medicine, make sure you are understood and understand, because most of the famous alternative practitioner came from non English speaking countries.

B. Joint parent child development support organization

1. Share your concerns with members
2. Find a place where you can talk quietly with member instead of raising your concern during meeting.
3. Raise your question in the general meeting
4. Share member experiences
5. Share your check list
6. No technical term and personal labeling
7. If you find other sources, share with your members
8. Be supportive and do not make any judgment.

C. here are the suggested list of specialist team

We don’t know that the list below are helpful to all parents, it has been used by other parent with high success rate in diagnosis. It is said that the list save parent time and prevent delay treatments to their children.

1. Development and behaviour pediatrician
2. Pediatric neurologist
3. Children psychiatrist
4. Children psychologist
5. Speech and language pathologist
6. Occupational therapist
7. Physical therapist
8. Play therapist
9. Social worker